The partners of the project finally got to meet each other face-to-face during the Kickoff meeting in Riga. By following the intention of the methodology that was applied in the project, 4D (Define it, Design it, Do it, Develop it), the first phase was Defining the project, i.e. the scope, activities and necessary resources for managing the project, producing intellectual outputs, organizing and taking part in joint training events, disseminating project results.

The Kickoff meeting addressed these main questions:

  1. Project management and administration including milestones, planned results, budget, internal communication platforms. 
  2. The Project Manual, Communication and Dissemination Plan, Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.
  3. Structure of the O1 Transdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Training E-platform, and its further development and maintenance during the whole project period.
  4. The scope of the O2 Research on Transdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Training and division of tasks, communication and milestones. 
  5. Concept and content of the first joint training activity. 
  6. Rules for a common visual identity in public relation activities to disseminate project results and promote the project in a cost-efficient manner.